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Manage Consoles

Sites manage-consoles.jpg

Geo URLs

  • Title - Console title. It will be visible for your affiliates.
  • Default URL - Console default URL.
  • Europe - URL for visitors from Europe. (leave empty for Default URL)
  • Australia - URL for visitors from Australia. (leave empty for Default URL)
  • Asia - URL for visitors from Asia. (leave empty for Default URL)
  • Latin America - URL for visitors from Latin America. (leave empty for Default URL)
  • Africa - URL for visitors from Africa. (leave empty for Default URL)
  • Site - This is where the affiliates will see the console in the links generator.
  • GeoIP redirecting - ???
  • Active - If not active - it will not be visible for the affiliates and will not work on your site.
  • Visible - If not visible - it will not be visible for the affiliates, but it will work on your site.
  • Console Type - ???

Window size

  • Width - Width of the console window.
  • Height - Height of the console window.
  • Resizable - Console window is resizable.

Window Toolbars And Menu Options

  • Show menus - Show menu in the console window.
  • Show title bar - Show title bar in the console window.
  • Show scroll bars - Show scroll bars in the console window.
  • Show status bar - Show status bar in the console window.
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