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Aff Stats Format

Aff stats format.png

This section is placed in the MPA3 Admin -> Report Settings -> Aff Stats Format.

Here you can define the table structure for your affiliate stats.

There are similar forms for every program you have created in MPA3 - Each form contains 3 rows, where you define, respectfully, the Table Titles (Column headers), the Stats Formulas and the Column Alignment.

The entries must be comma-separated and you have to enter equal number of entries in all of the 3 rows. (Ex: if you have entered 6 column titles, you must also give 6 formulas and 6 alignments).

  • Table Titles by column - Enter the texts you want to be displayed as column headers. This way you set the number of columns for the stats table.
  • Stats Formula by column - Here you define what data to be displayed in the columns of the stats table (in the same order like the table titles).

There is a number of keywords you can use for formulas: 'raw', 'uniques', 'free_trials', 'trials', 'full_price', 'ratio', 'conversions', 'rebills', 'chargebacks', 'chargebacks_count', 'credits', 'credits_count', 'payout', 'jp_raw', 'jp_uniques', 'jp_submit'. If you want, you can also combine them in basic arithmetical expressions (ex.: free_trials+trials ) and display the result in the stats.

Alignment by column - left, center, right - one of the keywords for each column.

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