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All of our MPA3® products, MPA3® Standard, MPA3® Professional and MPA3® Enterprise are affiliate tracking systems with a large variety of functions allowing you to create websites and sell their content. Each system will have options for you to maximize your web based profits using cutting edge advertising techniques such as tour pages, exit consoles and other promotional material. None of this requires tons of HTML knowledge because MPA3® has a powerful template engine for creating every page you could possibly need automatically. You'll just have to create a template once, and point our powerful system to your template for use. But let’s take it one step at a time, as everything will be explained later in this manual.

All of our software packages make it easy for you to invite and track the traffic from affiliates and webmasters so they will send you potential customers. Our flexible and functional system pays your partners according to the income they provided. You can create different programs to determine how much, why and when your webmasters will get paid. After you set them according to your policies and needs the system will execute them automatically.

Though MPA3® will track all of your sales for credit, none of the MPA3® software solutions handle the actual sales transactions. For this, our system will go thru a billing processor. Each of our products supports large variety of processors, so you can choose those who are best for your interests. If you have purchased MPA3® Professional or MPA3® Enterprise and have your own billing structure, we will even integrate it into our system for you. All three programs do provide you with cascading options, which will decrease the number of failed join attempts. For example imagine that you work with three different processors - A, B and C and a surfer reaches a join page of yours. After the surfer submits his payment information, he will be redirected to processor A in order to be billed for the service you sell. If this transaction fails for some reason the cascading feature will be triggered and he will be redirected to processor B to see if the sale will succeed there. If the transaction is, again, unsuccessful he will be taken to processor C. This redirection happens behind the scenes in our system and won't make the user input their data more than once. Our billing cascade is a good assurance that you won't miss a sale.

For the sign up process, when a customer reaches the MPA3® join page he has to enter some personal data. The most important of the data required for MPA3® is the username and password he desires to use. However, you can elect to collect additional data about your customers at this point, such as their Country, State, Name, etc.

After the surfer submits the information, MPA3® stores it and will later use it to finish the sign-up and provide the end-user with access to your content.

On the next step, part of which we described above, the surfer reaches a billing processor's join page where he has to actually provide his credit card information, so the processor deducts the appropriate amount of money from his bill according the product that the surfer attempts to sign-up for. After that the processor will send a postback containing data if the transaction was successful or not. If it was successful MPA3® will automatically allow the surfer enter the member's area with the user/pass combo he has input on the join page. It will also transform the temporary entry into a permanent one and will add the new member in the .htaccess file or the authentication database.

It is also important as a fail-safe mechanism in the sign-up process to assure your webmasters will get credit and paid for every new member they send. Our system uses a script to set a cookie in the surfer's browser. The cookie contains information about every parameter of the product that is about to be sold (site, program, webmaster, tour and campaign). After the transaction is complete in the way described above the script reads the previously created cookie so the webmaster recorded gets credit. Sometimes there may be a case where the cookie has not been saved for some reason. In this case, our system uses the fail-safe mechanism to ensure credit. When a customer reaches the join page the tracking script along with the setting a cookie saves surfer's IP address in a database. If the cookie has expired for some reason the system will search this DB and if the certain IP address is recovered the webmaster who provided the join will still be paid.

Most MPA3® owners have many webmasters forwarding traffic to their sites, so we created the webmasters section to be as intuitive as possible, so you can approve, search, mail (massmail), configure circumstances for webmaster activation and even create black lists with the least clicks possible. We provide similar functions for the customers section as well.

MPA3® also has a large statistics section where you can see summaries for absolutely everything that happened or is happening in your system. Our system produces payout reports, VAT stats, profit reports, traffic analysis and many others. The large amount of data this section contains conveniently has an option for you to change the graphs or colors so you can browse and find your data easily and quickly.

If you are new to this automation software, please take a look at the Getting Started section of this manual. There you will find information about the basic setup of the system, so you launch your first website.

Please don't ever hesitate to contact us if any issues appear, that are not covered in this manual.

Have your great time with MPA3.

Sincerely, Mansion Productions Team

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