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On each hosted tool page, after you submit your search criteria, and you see some results, a section below the results will appear with 3 options to export the results.

  • Simple - this export option will allow you to export just the links, and nothing more.
  • Basic - this option will allow you to select from the available drop downs, what information to export, and in what order to export it. Please note that you must select "Gallery Links" in at least one drop down.
  • Advanced - this export will allow you to build your own template for exporting the information you need. Note that you have to have the header, program and footer sections intact. They may be empty, but must be there. The minimum is this:

Additional tags that you can use inside the program section are:

{title}, {link}, {gallery_url}, {gallery_title}, {gallery_url}, {affiliate}, 
{site}, {campaign}, {tour}, {program}, {site_title}, {program_title}, 
{description20} (where 20 is the number of chars shown since the start  of the description, and you can change it to any other number),
{thumb100x100} (where 100x100 are the thumb dimensions, and you can change it to any other size)

Please note when setting up the thumbs - you must have prepared the various thumb sizes and have uploaded them to the gallery folder. For example, if you want to use {thumb100x100}, there must be an image thumb100x100.jpg in the gallery folder.

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