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This tool allows your program to make banners available for your affiliates, complete with their linking codes. It also allows an export function where an affiliate may save banners locally in a .zip file.

This tool is so simple; it doesn't require an admin interface for you to set it up. Following these steps, you'll simply ftp your banner files, named with a specific convention, and the banners will become available!

To set up your banner farm:

When creating the banners for your sites either name or rename your banners by the following naming instructions. Please note that you'll want to use one of the prefixes below followed by any naming convention you want like the examples shown below.

MPA3 Banner Prefixes:

std = Standard Banner (468x60)

hab = Half Banner (234x60)

squ = Square Banner (anything with equal sides up to 400x400 px)

sky = Skyscraper Vertical (any pixel size with shorter width and longer height)

hor = Horizontal Banner (any pixel size with longer width and shorter height)

led = Leaderboard (728x90)

but = Button Size (120x60, 120x90 or similar)

mic = Micro Button (88x31)

hal = Half Page Ad (300x600 or similar)

ful = Full Page Ad (A banner with multiple images that requires an html file. A variable similar to <?=$_GET['link'];?> could be used to insert the linking code.)

Examples: std-yoursitename-001.gif or std001.gif or hab-siteblue.jpg

We support .html .htm .php file types for full page ads. The link hrefs within the file should be <?=$_get['link'];?> so affiliate linking codes can be applied to the banner page. When a full page banner is exported, the links within get automatically edited to be the correct linking codes MPA3 has for that specific search.

Once your files are named properly for MPA3 to recognize them all you need to do is upload them for use:

Navigate to the /banners directory located at the mpa3 root dir on your server. Create a subdirectory for each site using the site's MPA3 siteID.

Simply copy your site specific banners into the appropriate subfolders to make them available for your affiliates.

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