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On this page you can add and modify tours for each of your sites.

The tours are used in affiliates linking codes. The tours are like landing pages. For example if your site URL is you can define a tour When the affiliates are using this tour in their linking codes the visitors that they send to your site will be redirected to

If you do not need a tour and you want to remove it - just set it with "Active: No".

Add New Tour / Edit Tour

Sites tours.jpg

  • Title - This will be visible to webmasters when they choose the linking codes.
  • URL - Place here the URL where the tour is at.
  • Webbilling Package Group ID - You can define package groups from webbilling admin panel.
  • Webbilling Package ID: - You can define package id from webbilling admin panel.
  • Active - If not active the tour won't count hits to the webmasters.
  • Visible - If not visible, the webmasters won't be able to see the tour at the links code generator. But you can use this tour to selected webmasters, and their signups will be counted (if the tour is set active of course).
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