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Rocketgate Xsale products

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  • Title - Name the Rocketgate xsale product so you can easy remind yourself later.

Product Details

  • Merchant ID - The merchant ID associated with the cross-sell. This parameter allows cross-sells between RocketGate merchants. If this parameter is omitted, the merchant ID is assumed to be the same as the primary purchase.
  • Site ID - The site ID value for the cross-sell. This element can be omitted.
  • Product - A character string up to 36 characters that identifies the product purchased from the cross-sell merchant. This value is passed unchanged in the cross-sell postback as merchantProductID
  • Description - Product description to be shown next to check-box on opt-in page. This parameter is required.

Product parameters

  • Initial days - Number of days to first rebill, if the product includes a trial period. This parameter may be omitted.
  • Initial price - Price of the opt-in product. This parameter is required.
  • Recur count - Number of rebills to termination of membership. This parameter may be omitted.
  • Recur period - Frequency of rebills, if this is a membership product. This parameter may be omitted.
  • Recur price - Amount of periodic rebills, if different than amount parameter. This parameter may be omitted.
  • Currency - Currency of the opt-in purchase. If this parameter is omitted, USD is assumed.
  • Active - Activate or deactivate product
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