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On this page you can add and modify the products for the chosen site.

Products are memberships for your members areas.

For each product you can define initial price, initial period, recurring price and recurring period (if the membership is with recurring billing).

If you do not need a product and you want to remove it - just set it with "Active: No".


Add New Product / Edit Product

Sites products.jpg

  • Title - Product title. This product title will be shown in the statistics and on signup pages.

Processors Codes


  • Epoch - ???

Epoch upsales: - When you want to sell some one else's sites on your epoch join page.

  • po_code - This is the code of the product you want to sell to your epoch join pages. You must request the po_code from your partner. He must request the po_code from Epoch.
  • po_rf_code1 - Your partners will give to you this code or this is probably your reseller code you have set in their affiliate program or directly in epoch. If your partner is using MPA3 as well, this code would be xsellXXXXXX where XXXXXX will be replaced by your affiliate id in your partner's MPA3.
  • po_rf_code2 - There are some po_codes that are for two products. If this is the case you can set different resellers for each one of them. If both of the products are sold by the same partner, you must place here the same value as for po_rf_code1.

Epoch xsells: - When some of your webmasters sell your site(s) on their epoch join pages.

  • co_code - This is the webmaster's Epoch company code that you want to sell your sites on his Epoch join pages.
  • pi_code - This is the product code that you are about to sell to your webmaster's Epoch join pages. You must request along with this code po_code for this product from Epoch, which you must give to your webmaster.
  • reseller - That is your affiliate ID, that the upsale comapany gave to you.
  • pi_returnurl - The info is not obligatory. Leave it blank for the default return URL, specified by the company you're upselling.


  • Trustcharge - ???


  • CCBill - The product code is formed as follows: 'accountID|subaccountID|formID|pricingID'. All of the parameters you can get from CCBill admin panel.
  • CCBill check - The product code is formed as follows: 'accountID|subaccountID|formID|pricingID'. All of the parameters you can get from CCBill admin panel.


  • Zombaio - ???


  • OrbitalPay - ?

Secure Data Bill

  • Secure Data Bill - The product code is defined in the Secure Data Bill Admin portal. Login to the Admin portal and scroll to the sub menu 'Configuration' and click on the 'Subscriptions' menu option. Either create a new subscription or select and exiting one. The 'Subscription List' at the top is a list of all subscriptions configured, the value for the product_code field is the number listed under the 'Subscription ID' column.


  • Netbilling - The product code is formed as follows: 'siteTag|formID'. These parameters you can get from netbilling admin panel. For every site, when you click config, you open the 'site parameters' page and you'll see the site tag parameter. There on the right is an 'Actions' menu, where you have to click 'edit pmt form', and you'll see the Form ID at the top.
  • Netbilling xsell product - Select here for which xsell product you will sell when the member selects this product. You can define the xsell products from mpa3admin>sites>Netbilling xsale products.



  • Verotel - The product code is formed as follows: 'website_id|subscription_id'. Where website_id and subscription_id you can get from Verotel.




  • 2000charge - The product code is formed as follows: 'DirectPAY code|DirectDebit code'. If you want to use only DirectPAY, do not add the | sign, and be sure to rename the DirectDebit join pages in the 2000charge/ folder so the script will not display them. Currently they are DE_form.html and AT_form.html.


  • 123bill - The product code is formed as follows: 'siteID|productID'. Where siteID and productID you can get from 123bill admin panel.


  • Electracash - ???


  • WTS - The product code is formed as follows: 'subID:profileID'. Where subID (also known as WTS id) and profileId you can get from WTS.
  • WTSEU - The product code is formed as follows: 'subID:profileID'. Where subID (also known as WTS id) and profileId you can get from WTS.


  • Intertrans - ???


  • MVC - Place here your MVC Site ID. You can get it from MVC admin>Account Info>Your Websites>Site ID column. Do not set this field for the products you are not selling via MVC.


  • Vendo - The product code is formed as follows: First you have to login to with your username and password. After that in 'Offers->Offers List' you`ll find the 'Identifier' - which is actually your product code.



  • ClickAndBuy - Place here your ClickAndBuy Subscription purchase link.


  • ClearCard - Place here your ClearCard product code.


  • RSBilling - Place here your RSBilling sheduleID.


  • EPG - Place here your EPG Product Key.


  • CurePay - The product code is formed as follows: 'price_pointID|productID|planID'. All of the parameters you can get from CurePay admin panel.

Payment Network

  • Payment Network - Place here your project_id|currency_id. For example 123456|EUR.


  • DHD - You need to contact DHD support for the correct product code.


  • CommerceGate - ???
  • CommerceGate Pack ID - ???


  • Use WebBilling - Chose whether current product will use WebBilling.
  • Webbilling xsells - XSell IDs separated by pipe (Example: xsell=33|37|42).
  • Webbilling countries - Add comma separated list of ISO2 country codes for which Webbilling will be used. Only to surfers from these countries Webbilling join page will be shown. If a surfer is not from the countries listed, he'll skip Webbilling and will be redirected to the next processor. If blank, Webbilling will be used for all countries.
  • All countries - Ues this drop down to set the values in the 'Webbilling countries' form field.


  • Use NetCash - Chose whether current product will use NetCash.

National Charge

  • Use National Charge - Chose whether current product will use National Charge


  • Use RocketGate - Chose whether current product will use RocketGate
  • RocketGate Currency - Select RocketGate currency
  • RocketGate xsell products - ???

Product settings

  • Product type - Membership product type is when you provide access to a members area for a period of time, and the member can see all what is in the members area until his membership expires. Credits/token type is when clients prepay credits/tokens, and each viewing of a movie deducts from the credits/tokens he purchased.
  • Initial days - Initial day of the membership
  • Initial price - Initial price of the membership
  • Recur days - Recurring days after initial membership expires
  • Recur price - Recurring price after initial membership expires
  • Discounted price - This is the price that the member will continue to rebill on in case he selected to stay on discounted price. The value here is displayed on the discount page in place of the tag. This field is filled only for some processors, mostly gateways. For the rest of the processors, the discount price is controlled by them.
  • Credits - ???
  • Free Trial - Product is free trial
  • Active - Product is active
  • Visible - Product is visible on signup pages
  • Pre-Auth - Signs the member for free, and does a pre-auth of the recur price. Verifies if the recur price amount is available in the client's credit card, but is not charging it until the rebill.
  • Allowed countries - Add a comma delimited list of country codes (ISO codes for example DE,UK,FR...). This product will be allowed for these countries only.
  • List Order - Product order in lists on the signup pages.
  • Discounts for processors - Select here for which processors this product is set with cancel discount.
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