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NetBilling Xsale products

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  • Title - Name the NetBilling xsale product so you can easy remind yourself later.

Product Details

  • GEN_ACCOUNT - The merchant account you are cross selling to. If you are cross selling your own sites, this would be your Netbilling account id.
  • GEN_SITETAG - The site tag of the account you are cross selling to (your partner).
  • POST_TO - The post url of the account you are cross selling to. This is where your partner will receive notification about the cross sale. If you are cross selling your own sites, you should place here the url to your script.
  • PASS_CODE - This is a secret key you and the other merchant agree on to validate the cross sales originated from the agreed merchant. If you are cross selling your own sites, you will need this when you set incoming cross sales here
  • Order integrity key - The Order Integrity Key found in the 'Fraud Defense' section of the account you are cross selling to.
  • Xsell referrer - Your affiliate id in your partner's affiliate software. When he receives postback about the cross sale, he will assign it to your account, and you will receive payout for this.
  • Description - Place here any additional description about the product. For example: 'If not canceled within the 3 day trial period, your subscription will automatically renew until you decide to cancel', and 'Your credit card will be billed as'

Product parameters

  • Initial days - The initial membership price
  • Initial price - The initial membership days
  • Recur period - The days for recurring membership
  • Recur price - The price for recurring membership
  • Active - Activate or deactivate product

Normally, the cross sale feature is used to sell someone else's products on your join pages. Let's call this someone else - your partner. It is practice to receive a % of the sales of your partner that originate from your join pages. To accomplish this, your partner must know if a particular sale was sent by you, and assign a payout to your account in his affiliate system. If he was using mpa3 for affiliate software, you would have to register as affiliate in his system, and send your affiliate id with each sale you send to him (each sale of his products, that originate from your join page). So when your partner sets the "Cross Sales" settings, he will set for Netbilling code: site_tag|PASS_CODE|mpa3_webmaster_id, where mpa3_webmaster_id is your affiliate id in his system. Similarly, when you set the Netbilling cross sale at your end, you will set for "Xsell referrer" this same affiliate id - so your partner can recognize it, and assign the sale to your account.

If you are cross selling your own sites, you must pick an mpa3 affiliate id (probably some inhouse affiliate), and use it in the above mentioned places.

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