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On this page you can define member areas. You can set up the way how they will be accessed and how the users will be added.

Currently MPA3 can manage .htpasswd file and MySQL database and to add and delete members remotely. Take a look on URL field description to understand how to set up the remote access settings.

Member Area Options

Sites members-areas.jpg

  • Title - Member area title
  • Passwords file full path - The location of your .htpasswd file (the name might be different, but you can get the idea) on the server where you rpay site is. If using MySQL authentication, set here the database data in the following manner: host|user|pass|database|tablename|username_field|password_field
  • URL to passwords management (adp.cgi) - You will get a passwords management script with your install named adp.cgi. You must upload it on your server in a location where MPA3 can contact it via HTTP.
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