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Add New / Update Hosted Gallery

Sites hosted-galleries.jpg

  • Title - This will be the title that the affiliates will see for this gallery.
  • URL - Place here the direct URL to the gallery. Please don't add filename at the end.
  • Domain - You can set to use different domain in the affiliate linking codes. URL should look like this: If its blank the default Gallhit.php URL will be used which is set in settings/gallery settings.
  • Site - This is where the affiliates will see the gallery in the hosted galleries links generator.
  • Gallery Type - Select the type of the gallery or type a new gallery type in the text field. The new gallery type will be added to the database and will be available in the future.
  • Language - Select the gallery language.
  • Active - Hits pointing to active galleries are counted, while inactive ones are not.
  • Visible - Visible are those galleries listed in affiliate's admin panel. If a gallery is not visible they can't get the link to it, only you can give the link to them.

Important: Press "Refresh Galleries" in case you've changed/added some of the galleries below, and you want the changes to take effect now. Otherwise you'll have to wait up to 24 hours.

Beneath the New Gallery form, all set up galleries are listed. You can edit their properties by clicking the Name.

Here is how it all works:

  • First you should add the galleries from mpa3admin>sites>hosted galleries
  • Then your affiliates should get the gallery link codes from mpa3 affiliate area>promo tools>hosted tab>hosted galleries

The gallhit.php file will load the gallery URL you have set when setting up the gallery in the admin, and will pass to the end of the url the "?link=http://..." variable, which you can use in the gallery by printing this php variable:

<?=$_GET['link']; ?>

The link variable will contain a standard mpa3 link code that will look like:

  • When the surfer follows the link a cookie and a database record is set for his ip with the info the link contains (affiliate id, program id, etc. ).
  • After that he is redirected to the tour page for the appropriate site.
  • When the surfer follows the link to the join page, the signup.php script is getting the cookie (or the database record if the cookie is not recorded), and is fetching the parameters that this surfer used (affiliate id, program id, etc.)
  • This way the form that the signup.php file is showing to the surfer is pre-populated with the affiliate id and the affiliate get's credited.

You need to put a thumbnail image named thumb80x150.jpg in each gallery folder, and this image will be show when affiliates generate link codes. Please also know that the export tool in the affiliate area offers to the affiliates various other sizes of thumbnails. You can also prepare those as well, so affiliates can export them. All thumbs need to be in the gallery folder.

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