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Add New / Update Gallery of The Day

Sites gotd.jpg

  • Title - This will be the title that the webmasters will see for this gallery.
  • URL - Place here the direct URL to the gallery.
  • Domain - You can set to use different domain in the webmaster linking codes. URL should look like this: If its blank the default Gallhit.php URL will be used which is set in settings/gallery settings.
  • Site - This is where the webmasters will see the gallery in the links generator.
  • Language - Select the gallery language.
  • Full Path to Images - Here you have to place the absolute path to the images, that are available via the above URL. Here our backend script will generate config.php file that you can use importing it into your index.php file. This file will contain the current rotating image and banner.
  • Active - Hits pointing to active galleries are counted, while inactive ones are not.
  • Visible - Visible are those galleries listed in webmaster's admin panel. If a gallery is not visible they can't get the link to it, only you can give the link to them.
  • Gallery Thumb - Shows the gallery thumb image

Important: Press "Refresh GOTD" in case you've changed/added some of the pictures below, and you want the changes to take effect now. Otherwise you'll have to wait up to 24 hours.

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