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Create site

  • Title - This will be the title that the webmasters will see for this flash movie.
  • Directory name - The name of the new directory (without slashes). This is the subfolder name inside the mpa3root/gc_content/ folder. It is not an absolute path - just the name of the subfolder where the site's content is.

Add New / Update Free Content Gallery

  • Title - This will be the name that the webmasters will see for this gallery.
  • ZIP - Place here the direct URL to the zip file of the gallery.
  • Site - This is where the webmasters will see the gallery.
  • Preview - This will be the preview image without any path definitions or slashes (Don't include the content path or content directory name, just the image name).
  • Gallery Type - Select the type of the content or type a new content type in the text field. The new content type will be added to the database and will be available in the future.
  • Content Directory - This will be the name of directory where the images are located. Please note that the Free Content should be placed in mpa3root/gc_content/<site_directory_name>. So for example if the "Site Directory" name (as defined in the Create Site section) is "hotchicks", and the "Content Directory" name is "january", then the whole content should be located in mpa3root/gc_content/hotchicks/january/.
  • Visible for webmasters - Chose whether this free content gallery will be visible for the webmasters.
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