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This section is placed in the MPA3 Admin -> Program Management -> SubAdmins.

SubAdmins section allows you to create a subadmin account and define its level of access and operational rights.

First you have the form on the top of this page to create an username and password, which you will later provide to the person who is going to be the new subadmin.

Below the form there are plenty of checkboxes which refer to all the sections in MPA3. You have to check the ones you want grant the subadmin access to. Next to every checkbox there is a "View" link which opens the relevant section, so you'll be able to make sure that you grant access to the appropriate system function.

After you're done selecting the appropriate rights proceed to the bottom of the page. There is the Create button, which will save the newly created account in the system.

Under all that there is an overview table containing all the created accounts available for edit. If you need to make changes select the appropriate account from the Username column and it will be loaded in the menus above.

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