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This section is placed in the MPA3 Admin -> Settings -> Programs.

You can interpret the Programs as the second level of the Pay rates setup. In this section of MPA3 you can attach a Pay Rate to a certain affialite, tour, site and product.

  • Title - input the name of your program here.
  • Description - you may use this box to write a short text with remarks or some other useful information. The Description along with the Title will be visible only by the administrator/s and will remain hidden for the affiliates.
  • Site - from this dropdown you can select the site that the program will be applied to. The other part of the section will change dynamically to show the properties of the selected site. (tours, products, etc.)
  • Affiliate - here you can create a comma separated list with affiliate IDs to whom the program will be applied to (e.g. 100002,103456,...). If you want to apply a program to all affiliates just enter all in that field.
  • Tour - after you have selected a site its tours will appear in this box. You can select one or more of them or you can apply the program to all of them by marking the first entry of the list named "All".
  • Product - when a certain site is selected as previously described its products will appear in this box. You may attach a different Pay Rate to every one of them
  • Bonus Program - here you can define a period of time (by selecting dates from the calendars) during which the current program will be active as a bonus one. You'll have to check the checkbox if you want the program to be active during the selected period only.
  • Replace with - MPA3 does not allow programs to be deleted. This is because such action will make affiliate's linking codes invalid and the traffic they provide will cease. That's why we have developed this option. Here you can replace the current program with another from the dropdown menu. This is how your affiliates will be applied to another program without having to change any linking codes.
  • Processing Fees - in most cases the billing processors take a fee for the transactions they make. Filling these fields will deduct a certain amount of money from the affiliate's payout, so you won't take the processor's fees.
  • Show stats - here you choose whether the program you create will appear in the statistics section or not.
  • Visible for affiliate's – default option is 'Yes'. Set to 'No' if you want to hide this program from affiliates.
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