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Pay Rates

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This section is placed in the MPA3 Admin -> Settings -> Pay Rates.

In this section you can define the pay rates for your affiliates. You can set how much each affiliate will get in certain circumstances. For example: if affiliate forwards a surfer from his website to yours and the surfer buys a product – you can pay the affiliate percentage of the product sum, an exact amount or both.

When adding a new pay rate, you can define:

  • Title - this field is internal and visible only to you. In this field you can define name for your pay rate.

  • Free trial - with this settings you can pay your affiliates, no matter that free trial products are free. To enable fill in desired amount in this field. Please, note this field does not accept percent values, since free trial products are free of charge.

  • Trial - this is how much you want to pay affiliates whose surfer purchased a trial membership.

Here you can set exact amount, percentage of the value or both to be paid to affiliates.

  • Full membership - the principle is the same as for the Trial, but it refers to bought Full memberships.

  • Conversion Trial → Full membership - in most cases Trials automatically convert to Full memberships. You may want to pay your affiliate for such conversions. If you want to do so fill these fields.

  • Rebills - there is an option Full memberships to be automatically continued when they are about to expire and, of course, automatically rebilled. If you want your affiliate to have profit out of this, please enter the desired amounts here.

  • Tokens - this is how much you want to pay affiliates whose surfer purchased a token product.

  • Deduct chargebacks/credits/voids from payout for transactions - if a customer buys a product of yours by accident (e.g. if a minor has used a credit card) and demand his charge refunded you can deduct the certain amount from your affiliate's payout. The checkboxes in this section refer to the occasions when this will be done (to deduct amounts for refunded Trials only, for refunded Trials and Conversions and so on).

  • Dialer - dialers don't use credit cards. They use phone calls on special numbers and deduct money from customer's phone bill. This is why you can't set an exact amount to be paid here, but a percentage. The hereby input percentage index will determine how much an affiliate will get from purchases made via this payment method.

  • GXB900 - with this option you can set custom pay rates for GXB900 payment processor only.

  • ChargemeLater – with this option can set custom pay rates for ChargemeLater payment processor only.

After you have set everything as you desired click on the Submit configuration button. This will save your Pay Rate and it will be ready for use. Its overview will be shown on the bottom of the screen as a table. If you want to edit an existing Pay Rate select it from the Title column of the table and MPA3 will load its parameters, so you can make the changes needed.

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