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This section is placed in the MPA3 Admin -> Billing -> Cascading Order.

The cascading order options let you define the order between your 3 payment processors (the credit card will be tried with the first one, then if declined - with the second one and so on. If the card is declined with all the 3 processors, the surfer will be redirected to a page with alternate payment methods - dialers, checks etc.) Or, if you prefer, you can turn off cascading, and set the one processor you want to use.

You may set different order for the regular and for the Geo IP cascading - for example you may want another processor to be the first one for your traffic coming from Europe and Asia (while the regular cascading order is applied for North/South America and Australia).

Geo tracking is installed by default. If you want to bypass some of the processors you can jump directly to the second or third processor in the cascading by adding the following parameter to the join link:

  • next_processor=X, where X is the mpa3 cascading id of the processor you want to jump to. For example if you want to jump to the second processor, X should be 2. If you want to jump directly to the third

processor, the X value will be 3.

Here is an example:

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