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Processor WTS setup

Processor wts.jpg

1) Contact WTS and tell them to set the postback url to:

2) Set the "WTS Configuration" fields under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > WTS Configuration. You must contact WTS and arrange with them uploading of the transaction files under the "WTS transactions files path". Set this path into mpa3 and give it read permissions so mpa3 can process the rebills/chargebacks transactions.

3) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via WTS from MPA3 Admin > Sites > click to edit a site's Products > click to edit a product > fill in the WTS field. It is formed as follows: 'subID:profileID'. Where subID (also known as WTS id) and profileId you can get from WTS. Ask WTS for subID for every product you want to sell via mpa3. This way, when mpa3 redirect the members to the WTS join page there will be seen only the product they have chosen on the mpa3 join page.

4) Check the payrates you are about to use with the products from MPA3 Admin > Settings > Programs.

5) Edit the WTS join template, that is located at mpa3root/signup/wts/join.html. For more info on editing the join templates check the help pages under .

6) Get the WTS link code for the site from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Linking codes. You will redirect the members to this url when you want to use WTS billing. You will normally place the link to WTS on your credit card join page, and your alternative billing solutions page that you can set from site details page>Deny page URL.

7) Make sure the file mpa3folder/.mpa3/backend/wts_transactions.php is in the crontab and is set to run on every 15 minutes. (contact support for assistance)

8) Make sure the wts_transactions.php file is reading the transactions from the "WTS transactions files path". (contact support for assistance)

9) Contact WTS and ask them to make the username and password field on their Join page uneditable. This is required because some clients provide different login information on the MPA3 join page and on WTS join page. This behavior causes MPA3 to be incapable of recognizing and registering those new members. Respectfully they won't have access to member's areas.

"WTS transactions file path" can be any folder on your server where you allow WTS to upload their transaction files using ftp. Normally you would want to make a special folder for them and assign their ftp account very limited privileges so they can just operate in that folder and nowhere else. The rest of the users on the server still have to be able to access the WTS folder though. Especially the user the mpa3 php scripts are running on.

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