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Processor SegPay setup

Step-by-Step SegPay billing solution setup:

1) Set the username and password under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > SegPay Configuration.

2) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via SegPay from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Click to edit a site's Products > Click to edit a product > Fill in the SegPay field.

3) The product code is formed as follows: First you have to login to with your username and password. After that in Merchant Setup > Packages you`ll find Price Points with ButtonCodes. For example:, in this case 104855:1221 is your product code.

4) In Merchant Setup > Post Back Configurations > Choose New Post Back Config and fill in the "2nd Trans Post URL" field in the following format:<action>&stage=<stage>&approved=<approved>&trn_type=<trantype>&subscription_id=<purchaseid>&transaction_id=<tranid>&amount=<price>&product_code=<extra product_code>&eticketid=<extra product_code>&webmaster=<extra webmaster>&email=<billemail>&username=<extra username>&password=<extra password>&site=<extra site>&name=<billname>&zip=<billzip>&country=<billcntry>&address=<billaddr>&city=<billcity>&state=<billstate>&keyword=<extra member_keyword>&extra=<extra extra>

For the "2nd Trans Post Msg" field please fill in the string 'SUCCESS'.

Please, fill in the "Access Disable URL" field in the following format:<extra username>&password=<extra password>&purchaseid=<purchaseid>

For the "Access Disable Msg" please fill in the string 'DISABLE USER OK'.

5) Make sure the file mpa3folder/.mpa3/backend/segpay_transactions.php is in the crontab and is set to run on every 15 minutes. (contact support for assistance)

6) Make sure the segpay_transactions.php file is fetching the transactions from the SegPay server. (contact support for assistance)

SegPay Cross Sales setup:

Go to MPA3 Admin > Sites > Cross Sell Sites Place there the SegPay code that is formed as follows: 'eticketid|mpa3_webmaster_id'.

You need to contact SegPay support to get the corresponding 'eticketid'. This is all you need in order to setup SegPay Cross Sales.

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