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RocketGate setup

1) Set the RocketGate merchant/HashSecret/Gateway password values at mpa3admin->settings->billing processors->RocketGate Configuration.

2) Set "Use RocketGate:" dropdown to 'Yes' for all products are about to sell via RocketGate. This you can do from mpa3admin->sites->click to edit a site's products->click to edit a product->product settings

3) By default RocketGate page will bill customers in USD, if you`re planning to have EUR products you can use the "RocketGate Currency:" dropdown at product settings page and pick any currency in the list.

4) RocketGate Page Layout can have custom design and load custom CSS file. This you can do from mpa3admin->sites->site properties From there you can use: "RocketGate CSS URL(optional):" - to set any CSS URL that will style RocketGate Page "Use RocketGate in IFRAME:" - if set to 'Yes' RocketPage page will load inside your current MPA3 join page template - this way you can have full control over RocketGate page design. Please, note that when using IFRAME mode - you need to make sure "join_rocketgate.html" exists in your mpa3root/signup/site_id folder. You can find the default "join_rocketgate.html" at mpa3root/signup/templates folder.

5) Contact RocketGate and tell them to set the postback URL to: http://MPA3HostName/signup/rocketgate.php

6) Make sure the file mpa3folder/backend/rocketgate_transactions.php is in the crontab and is set to run on every 15 minutes. (contact support for assistance)

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