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Processor NoCreditCard setup

1) Set your NCC Broker ID and password under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > Nocreditcard Configuration.

2) In your Payrate section (mpa3admin->settings->Payrates) you will define the pay rates of your webmasters. Those determine what profit a webmaster will have in certain circumstances. For example if a webmaster forward a surfer from his site to yours and this surfer buys a product you may pay the webmaster percentage of the sum paid; previously set amount or both.

For every Payrate you can define a "dialer percentage".

Check this link for more information.

3) Click the "+" sign against the site you are about to set with mpa3, and fill those two variables:

Callback url for granting:{site_id}/

Callback for revoke:{site_id}/

Where you have to replace {site_id} with the mpa3 id of the site as in the mpa3 admin panel.

4) Go to MPA3 Admin > Sites > Linking codes, select a site and click the Generate button. You'll see link code for NoCreditCard for that site. Make sure to place this link on your Join page and Credit Card Decline page so surfers can select it when they want to sign using phonebilling solution.

Below are examples of how to build billing links for our other solutions:

Pay-Per-Minute-By-Phone Phone2Enter

Pay-Per-Access-By-Phone CoolAccess - 6 Minutes Phone Call

Pay-Per-Access-By-Phone CoolAccess - 10 Minutes Phone Call

Pay-Per-Access-By-Phone CoolAccess - 14 Minutes Phone Call

Pay-Per-Access-By-Phone/SMS NccMP or NccMicroPayment

Where bs stands for Billing Solution and ca stands for Cool Access

Note: site=1 is related to this example, use the proper one!

Note: that should be replaced with yours MPA3_URL

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