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Netbilling direct mode

Once you start processing Netbilling signups with MPA3, you must use MPA3 to update a member credentials. MPA3 will take care of updating the data in Netbilling, but it won't work the other way round(if you change the credentials in Netbilling, MPA3 won't be aware of this). Netbilling customer service should also be advised of this change if Netbilling is providing your call center services.

1) Set the "Netbilling Configuration" fields under mpa3admin>Settings>Billing Processors>Netbilling Configuration. Netbilling config.png

2) Set the Netbilling access key for each site under mpa3admin>Sites & Tools>click to edit a site>Netbilling access key. You can get the access key from Netbilling Admin>Setup>Site Tags>click to config a site>"Access keyword". There are two "Access Keywords" in Netbilling - "Data Retrieval Interface" and "Control CGI advanced options". You should be using the one in the "Data Retrieval Interface" section. If there is no keyword there, generate a random one and use it.

3) Add your mpa3 server ip to Netbilling Admin>Setup>Access security>Direct Mode Interfaces section>"Trusted Static IP Addresses" and "Reporting Client IP Addresses". Check also that "Enable Native Direct Mode v.2 and v.3 Channel" and "Enable Data Retrieval Interface v1.x" checkboxes are checked.

4) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via Netbilling in mpa3admin>sites>click to edit a site's products>click to edit a product>fill in the Netbilling field. The product code is formed as follows: 'siteTag|formID'. These parameters you can get from netbilling admin panel. For every site, when you click 'config', you open the 'site parameters' page and you'll see the site ID parameter. There on the right is an 'Actions' menu, where you have to click 'edit pmt form', and you'll see the Form ID at the top.

5) Check the payrates you are about to use with the products from mpa3admin>Settings>Payrates and mpa3admin>Settings>Programs.

6) Edit the Netbilling join template, that is located at mpa3root/signup/{site_id}/netbilling_form.html. For more info on editing the join templates check the help pages under sites>Creating the Join pages.

7) If you already use another credit card processor, you can skip this step as you have already done it. Create the cc link code for the site like this: http://mpa3url/signup/signup.php?s=X (where X is the mpa3 site id). You will redirect the members to this url when you want to use credit card billing. You can control which credit card processor is first from mpa3admin>Settings>Billing>Cascading Order.

8) Make sure the files mpa3folder/.mpa3/backend/netbilling_transactions.php and mpa3folder/.mpa3/backend/netbilling_cancels.php are in the crontab and are set to run on every 15 minutes. (contact support for assistance)

9) Make sure the netbilling_transactions.php and netbilling_cancels.php file are fetching the transactions from Netbilling. (contact support for assistance)

Netbilling checks

Follow the steps from 1) to 5) from Netbilling direct mode implementation.

6) Edit the Decline check URL in mpa3 site's properties page. You can set there the Deny page URL or something else. This will be the place where the members will be redirected after they are declined by check billing.

7) Edit the Netbilling join template, that is located at mpa3root/signup/{site_id}/netbilling_check_form.html. For more info on editing the join templates check the help pages under sites>Creating the Join pages. If the template is not already into the site's folders, you can copy it from mpa3root/signup/templates/ folder.

8) The next step is to edit your join.xsl template that is locates in site's folder (mpa3root/signup/{site_id}/join.xsl), and place additional button that is copy on the standard button, but with the word "check" in it. This will trigger the use of the netbilling check form instead of the credit card form.

9) If you are not running netbilling credit card processing already, do steps 8) and 9) from Netbilling direct mode implementation.

Netbilling cross sales

1) When selling your partner's products on your netbilling join pages. You need to set the Netbilling cross sale products under mpa3admin>Sites&Tools>Cross Sales>Netbilling xsale products. Here is description for each of the parameters:

  • GEN_ACCOUNT: This is the Netbilling account id of your partner.
  • GEN_SITETAG: This is the site tag of your partner's site that you will cross sale on your Netbilling join pages. The site_tag is usually like this: 0001 or 0002, etc..
  • POST_TO: This should be set to the script of your partner where he'll get notifications of the cross sale. If his program is mpa3 too, the url would be Please note that your partner need to enable your mpa3 server ip in the netbilling.php script. Otherwise the netbilling.php script will not accept posts from your server
  • PASS_CODE: This is some pass code you make up and give to your partner. Your partner will use it to confirm that the sale is coming from you and not somebody else.
  • Order integrity key: This is the order integrity key for your partner's netbilling account.
  • Xsell referrer: This is the webmaster id that will get credit for the cross sale in your partner's affiliate software. You need to create a webmaster account with his affiliate software, and set your affiliate id here.
  • Description: is what will be seen in addition on the netbilling join page when the cross sale will show.
  • Product parameters: Initial days, Initial price, Recur period, Recur price. This should be self explanatory.

When you enter the above parameters and save the netbilling cross sale product, you need to make it show on your netbilling join pages. For this you need to edit the netbilling_form.html template located under: mpa3root/signup/<site_id>/netbilling_form.html and add this tag where you want the cross sale checkbox to show: {nb_xsale} or this tag when you want to show pre-selected checkbox: {nb_xsale_prechecked} Additionally, you need to edit the product settings, and set which netbilling product should be shown when the different products are selected. You can for example show the cross sale only when the surfer has selected the full price product. You can do this from mpa3admin>Sites & Tools>click to edit a site>click to edit a product>Netbilling xsell product drop down.

2) When you want to sell your products on your partner's netbilling join pages. You need to set a definition under mpa3admin>Sites & Tols>Cross Sales>Cross Sell Sites This will allow mpa3 to recognize the cross sale postback coming to your script located here: You need to edit your netbilling.php script and add your partner ip, so your script will accept posts form his server.

The parameters you need to enter under "cross sale sites" section are the following:

Title: Some title for your own convenience.

Product: Select here the site/product the member should be granted access upon cross sale.

Netbilling code: Here you should enter a string like this: site_tag|PASS_CODE|mpa3_webmaster_id Where the site_tag is the site id for the product you are selling on your partner's join pages, PASS_CODE is the password you arrange with your partner to be sent along with the postback to your script and mpa3_webmaster_id is the webmaster id of your partner that registered in your mpa3.

Program: The program that will be used to calculate the payout to the webmaster getting the credit for the cross sale.

The netbilling.php script mentioned above will expect the same parameters posted when Netbilling direct mode v3 is used. Here are only the mandatory parameters: xs_ref, pass_code, account_id, site_tag, amount, status_code, trans_id, member_id, member_duration, recurring_amount, recurring_period, member_username, member_password, cust_email

3) When cross selling your own products. In this case you need to do the steps described in both step #1 and #2. Whenever your "partner's settings" are mentioned, you should read "your settings". For example, for GEN_ACCOUNT in #1 you should set your Netbilling account.

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