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Processor intertrans setup

1) Contact Intertrans and tell them to set the postback url to:

2) Set the "Intertrans Configuration" fields under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > Intertrans Configuration.

3) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via Intertrans from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Click to edit a site's Products > click to edit a Product > fill in the Intertrans field.

4) Check the payrates you are about to use with the products from MPA3 Admin > Settings > Programs.

5) Get the Intertrans link code for the site from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Linking codes. You will redirect the members to this url when you want to use Intertrans billing. You will normally place the link to Intertrans on your credit card join page, and your alternative billing solutions page that you can set from site details page > Deny page URL.

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