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Processor GXB setup

Processor gxb.jpg

Setting up GXB as billing solution is quite simple and easy.

1) Set the Merchand ID and password under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > GXB Configuration.

2) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via GXB. This you can do from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Click to edit a site > GXB site ID.

3) Set the "Phone services" payrates from MPA3 Admin > Settings > Pay Rates > GXB900.

4) Get the GXB link code for the site from MPA3 Admin > Sites > Linking codes. You will redirect the members to this code when you want to use GXB billing, and the script will redirect the member to the GXB site.

5) Make sure the file mpa3folder/.mpa3/backend/gxb_transactions.php is in the crontab and is set to run on every 15 minutes. (contact support for assistance)

6) Make sure the gxb_transactions.php file is fetching the transactions from the GXB server. (contact support for assistance)

7) Set up Password Scripts - please contact your account rep at GXB to get this completed.

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