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Processor ChargeMeLater setup

1) Set the "ChargeMeLater Configuration" fields under MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > CML Configuration. You will see there a button "Get new ChargeMeLater merchant account". When you press this button the settings will be automatically filled in.

2) Set the product codes for the site you are about to sell via CML from MPA3 Admin > Settings > Click to edit a site's Products > Click to edit a Product > Fill in the CML fields. If you don't have any product, you can generate one by pressing the button "Get CML product id". All existing product codes you can check in your CML Admin Panel. For successful creation of the product id a banner URL is required. Banner url will be used from CML on their join page. This way your CML join page will show your banner at the top.

3) Check the payrates you are about to use with the products from MPA3 Admin > Settings > Programs

4) Edit the ccdenial.html template, that is located at mpa3root/signup/<siteId>/ccdenial.html, and place there a link to:{username} This link will be parsed by mpa3 and the {username} tag will be replaced by the declined member username. For more info on editing the join templates check the help pages under Sites > Creating the Join pages.

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