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CCBill setup

The format of the product code for CCBill is xxxxxx|yyyy|zzz|aaaaaaaaaa

Where xxxxxx is the master account number for CCBill; yyyy is the subaccount for this product; zzz is the name of the form for signup; aaaaaaaaaa is the price code (typeId) given from CCBill. If the zzz contains 'ck', the form is for checks, and these products will be available on the mpa3 join page when you append '&check=1' to the join page like this:

You can open a different template for the check Join Page by adding the cp= parameter like this:

Which will open a template located at /web/sites/path_to_mpa3/signup/1/join_ck.xsl

When setting new sites in CCBill. It is very important that you will follow the instructions bellow or there will be problems and errors when you start using CCBill with MPA3.

1) Subaccount Basic Info - Here you have to set Approval and Denial URLs. Approval URL is the page you want the new member to see when his payment is accepted. Same as your welcome page set in MPA3 for this site.

- Approval URL: Here you set your welcome page for successful signup.

- Denial URL: http://YOUR_PROGRAM_URL/signup/process_signup.php?u=%%username%%&pa=%%password%%&e=%%email%%&k=%%k%%&pc=%%p1%%

The denial URL is absolutely necessary, otherwise your cascading will not work. If you have SSL certificate set for your program (which is highly recommended) you must set the URL to point to your secure server.

2) Subaccount Advanced Options - All that you must set here is this:

- Approval POST URL: http://YOUR_PROGRAM_URL/signup/ccbill.php

- User Management: You must carefully set all username settings (under User Management section). All usernames and password must be with length between 6 and 12 characters. Also you must set it so that the surfer will not be able to change his username or password in CCBill form (better hide them).

- Form Admin: When you click on Form Admin probably a pop up window will open where you must set a few options and get the information to set your product code in MPA3. First select the form you want to set (always use forms which name ends with 'cc', they are the credit card forms). Then follow the next steps:

  • Click on Traffic and when the form appears set Traffic Flow to None.
  • Click on Generate HTML, select the proper subscription type for your product, add it and then submit the form.
  • Set the default language and click Submit. After that you will see two HTML codes - a button and a link. It does not matter which of them you will use to get your info.

The format of the product code for CCBill is xxxxxx|yyyy|zzz|aaaaaaaaaa

Where xxxxxx is clientAccnum; yyyy is clientSubacc; zzz is formName; aaaaaaaaaa is allowedTypes

Here is an example how to get your codes: This is the button HTML and all needed values are in bold.

<form action='' method=POST>
<input type=hidden name=clientAccnum value='923436'>
<input type=hidden name=clientSubacc value='0000'>
<input type=hidden name=formName value='9cc'>
<input type=hidden name=language value='English' >
<input type=hidden name=allowedTypes value='0000002351' >
<input type=hidden name=subscriptionTypeId value='0000002351 >
<input type=submit name=submit value='Join Now'>

You just have to get those red values and put them in the order shown above. So the result must be: 923436|0000|9cc|0000002351 Which is the correct code that you must use in MPA3.

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