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Processor BitPay setup


1) Go to MPA3 Admin > Settings > Billing > Billing Processor > BitPay Configuration

  • Set your BitPay API key. To get BitPay API key got your BitPay account. Then you will find an option to create an API key. Create one then use it in MPA3.
  • You can set notification email. If you decide to set it then you will receive email notifications for each BitPay transaction state change.
  • When you test your BitPay signup page you can use “BitPay Test Mode”. The test mode doesn’t receive real postback from BitPay, but it creates real payment request to BitPay. It means that you must have valid and working BitPay API Key to can use test mode.

2) Go to MPA3 Admin > Sites & Tools > Click to edit a site's products > Click to edit a product

  • Choose BitPay currency. You can use as a standard currencies like EUR, USD, etc. also and BitCoints (BTC).
  • Fill product price in the selected currency. For example you can enter USD 14.00 or BTC 0.13.


BitPay signup page:

You can access BitPay signup page on the follow address:<SITE_ID>

Where <SITE_ID> is the ID for one of your sites.

Also you can specify a default selected product as you use the URL:<SITE_ID>&product=<PRODUCT_ID>

Where <PRODUCT_ID> is the ID of the product which you want to be selected by default.

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