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After you click on an affiliate from the search results page, you will see the Affiliate Details page.

There are several tabs on top, that will show you different affiliate info.

  • Affiliate's profile - the default tab will show you a page with all the personal information for an affiliate
  • Status and Rates - this tab will allow you to freeze/disable an affiliate, as well as set payrates that will apply only for him
  • Affiliate's Payouts - a list of all past payouts done to the affiliate
  • Allowed Products - a list of all products that the traffic of this affiliate will see. This way you can add a hidden product for a site, and mark it in this section, so it will be shown only for the affiliate's traffic. Be sure to mark all products you want seen for this affiliate. A common error is to select just the special product, and leave the rest unselected - this way the affliate's traffic won't see any other products.

Please also note that the "Login as the Affiliate" button is only valid for a minute after you open the affiliate details page. After the minute - it will expire and won't log you in, no matter what. If you experience this - just reload the affiliate details page to get another 1 minute.

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