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Choose Search Affiliate Criteria

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  • Partner ID - Search affiliates by affiliate ID
  • Beneficiary - Search affiliates by beneficiary name
  • Username - Search affiliates by user name.
  • First name - Search affiliates by first name.
  • Last name - Search affiliates by last name.
  • E-mail - Search affiliates by e-mail address.
  • Website - Search affiliates by website URL.
  • i-Payout Email - Search affiliates by i-Payout e-mail address.
  • Epassporte E-mail - Search affiliates by Epassporte e-mail address.
  • Is Inhouse - Shows the affiliates that are or are not inhouse accounts.
  • Company - Search affiliates by their company name.
  • Notes - Search affiliates by notes added to them from the admins.
  • Is Active - Shows or not only the webmasters that actually send some traffic/sales.
  • Allowed products - Select Yes to show you the webmasters with modified allowed products. None will discard this criteria.
  • Is Aff Rep - Select Yes to show you the webmasters that are Affiliate Representatives. Choose None to discard this criteria.
  • Is under Aff Rep - Select an Affiliate Representative to show the webmasters that are under him. Choose None to discard this criteria.
  • Partners to show - How many affiliates per page will be shown in search results.
  • Registered between - Search for affiliates registered in the selected period. Format: mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Show European webmasters only - Search only for affiliates from Europe.
  • VAT - Search only for affiliates with filled VAT.
  • Search method - 'and' will return only results where the filled fields are all matching. 'or' will return results if any of the above are matching.

Other search methods

  • Start date/End date - ???. Format: mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Do not list - Filter results. You can exclude frozen and disabled affiliates.
  • Partners by Signup Ratio - Search for affiliates with signup ration bigger then filled ratio.
  • Has at least signups - Search for affiliates with signups bigger than filled signups.
  • Partners by Charge Back - Search for affiliates with charge backs percent bigger than filled percent.
  • Has at least rebills - Search for affiliates with rebills bigger than filled rebills.
  • Partners with suspicious signups - Search for affiliates that have done suspicious signups.
  • Has at least hits - Search for affiliates with hits bigger than filled hits.
  • Search for returns by webmaster ids - Search for affiliates with charge backs and credits as you can filter the results by filled in the box affiliate IDs.
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