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Send Mass Mailer

Affiliates massmail.jpg

On this page you can send mass mail to all of your affiliates.

  • To - Chose to which affiliates mass mail will be send.
  • Subject - E-mail subject
  • Email body - E-mail body. Be sure when sending html mails with images to use absolute path to images (http://...). This is worth also for any external content the mail may contain.
  • From - This will be the sender that the recipients will see for the mail.
  • Content-type - Select e-mail content type. HTML or text.
  • Test message to - Test what email will your affiliates receive. Check the checkbox and fill your e-mail address in the text box bellow.

You can print recipient's info on your page if you want. To do that you have to substitute recipient's data like bellow:

{fname} for recipient's first name {lname} for recipient's last name {email} for recipient's email {affiliate_id} for recipient's subscription id {username} for recipient's username {unsubscribe} add link for mass mail unsubscription

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