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Server requirements

  • apache
  • Linux OS
  • mysql 5.x
  • php 5.3.x or 5.4.x
  • Zend Guard Loader
  • Image::Magick 6.x + with JPEG support (convert, composite as binaries, php library functions not required)
  • tar, gzip (from shell only)
  • zip (as binary) - required only if you want to use the automated create-zip-from-gallery function in MAS
  • ffmpeg, flvtool2, qt-faststart binaries (optional, required by the Video Manager module). (the latest stable release available for the OS but not older than FFmpeg 0.9 and x264 core 118)

PHP settings

  • php libraries required: GD2.x with JPEG and TrueTypeFont support, CURL, PCRE, mbstring
  • MAS needs to have permissions to execute shell commands through php code (i.e. exec(); system(); passthru() must be allowed). Running of php scripts through the php executable (CLI) is also required.
  • PHP should be installed as a module, not as CGI (Server API: Apache)
  • php must be installed as CLI too, and the CLI version must be compiled with Zend Guard Loader as well.
  • safe mode = off (deprecated in php 5.3+)
  • magic_quotes_gpc = off (deprecated in php 5.3+)
  • allow_url_fopen = off (not required but highly recommended for security reasons).
  • register_globals = off (not required but highly recommended for security reasons).
  • php_short_open_tag = on
  • sessions support
  • error_reporting must be set to not display notices (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE) or disabled at all.
  • if there are open_basedir restrictions in effect, then the parent directory of the document root selected for the MAS installation must be allowed as a master value - for the MAS subdomain and for every other domain on the server which would be powered by MAS.

The only major difference in requirements for MAS v.2 compared to v.1 is the version of php 5.3+ with ZendGuardLoader. Unfortunately Zend have dropped support for FreeBSD and the Zend Guard Loader is not available for this OS - so if you are running FreeBSD and it is not possible to update the OS of this server, then a server replacement must be considered.

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